What puppies are available for adoption? All puppies that are listed as available on the website on Thursday morning prior to the Saturday adoption event will be available for adoption.  All of our fosters have priority in adoption, and must let us know prior to Wednesday at 12pm if their foster is available for adoption.

What do I need to bring?  Please complete the adoption application prior to the adoption event by clicking here.  You will still need to arrive to the event and check in with a valid ID in order to verify your adoption application.  Adoptions will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis in order of check-in.  If you are unable to submit an adoption application prior to an event, you can submit an application on-site.

*You do not have to be pre-approved prior to an adoption event*  We sometimes receive over 100 applications a day, so we may not get to review your application prior to the event.  If your application is still under review, it will be reviewed on-site when you check in to the adoption event.


What are the requirements to adopt? There are no situational requirements other than that your current pet/pets need to be up-to date on their vaccinations, as well as spay/neutered.  Within 14 days of adoption, the adopter is required to establish a relationship and have an examination performed with a Veterinarian to maintain the health of their newly adopted pet.  This demonstrates responsible pet ownership.  If you wish to adopt a puppy under 4 months of age, you must have the means to allow no longer than a duration of 5 hours for the puppy to be left unattended.

  • All pets in the current home must be up to date on vaccinations and spay/neutered
  • New adopters must submit proof of visit with a veterinarian within 14 days of adoption
  • If puppy is under 4 months of age, you must be in a situation where the puppy is not left unattended for >5 hours at a time
  • All adopters must submit and agree to a contract at time of adoption which are reflective of WTAR’s policies  (see bottom of page).

Do you require home visits? No, potential adopters are screened by veterinary references and the requirement of a Veterinary visit within 14 days.  If you do not submit proof of a veterinary health visit within 14 days of adoption, your ownership of the animal is forfeited back to Wolf Trap Animal Rescue.

How can I see pictures of the puppies available? You can view them on our website, as well as our Instagram and Facebook.  Be sure to check the website on Thursday morning prior to the Saturday event to ensure availability of the puppy you are interested in, as current fosters have until Wednesday at 12pm to let us know if their puppy will be available.  If the puppy is no longer available for adoption, we will remove the pet from the website.

Can I bring my current dog with me to see if they get along? You can, however it is strongly discouraged. An adoption event can be very stressful for both your dog as well as the puppy. This situation is not ideal, nor does it demonstrate accurate behavior responses that otherwise one might see in a calm setting.

How much is the adoption fee? The current adoption fee for dogs/puppies is $450 cash, or $460 credit. The adoption fee for cats/kittens is $200 cash, $210 credit. This fee covers the cost of spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip, deworming, flea/tick control, transport, food and foster supplies provided while in foster care, and 30-days of accidental/incidental health insurance for your new pet; effective starting midnight the day of adoption upon activation by the adopter. 

All adopters must agree to the terms set forth in WTAR’s Adoption Contract:

The Wolf Trap Animal Rescue understands and agrees to the following:

We are here to promote a healthy relationship between you and your pet.

We recognize some pet matches may not be successful through no fault of the person or the pet. We will welcome you and your returned pet back. Should you no longer find your adopted pet a compatible match, you must contact Wolf Trap Animal Rescue so that we may facilitate the rehoming process.

The Wolf Trap Animal Rescue strives to provide you with a healthy pet. However, the stress of changing environments can lower an animal’s immunity to fight disease and the pet could harbor an infection without displaying symptoms. We cannot guarantee the health of any animal.


*The following conditions must be agreed by an adopter on-site, and submit an adoption contract at the time of adoption* A copy of this contract will be provided in the adoption folder, as well as electronically sent via finalization email of adoption.

  1. I am 18 years of age or older.
  2. I agree to the non-refundable adoption fee of $450 (cash) or $460 (credit) per dog and $200 (cash) or $210 (credit) per cat.
  3. I will take the animal to a veterinarian within 14 days of adoption for a general physical examination and any necessary vaccinations, deworming, medications or medical treatment, at my own expense. The Wolf Trap Animal Rescue does not reimburse for medical bills. If I do not have a valid Veterinary reference and do not use Wolf Trap Animal Rescue’s Veterinary Service, I must submit proof of taking the animal to a veterinarian within 14 days. If I do not provide proof within 14 days of adoption, I realize that this does not demonstrate responsible pet ownership and will result in the forfeiture of the ownership of the animal back to the Wolf Trap Animal Rescue. All adoptions are final and non-refundable.
  4. All adoptions are final and non-refundable.
  5. I will provide a humane environment, regular exercise and companionship for my pet. I will have the animal inoculated against rabies and abide by animal control laws.
  6. I understand and agree that the Wolf Trap Animal Rescue makes no express or implied warranty, representation or promise to the age, health, breed, habits, disposition or safety of the animal. I hereby accept the animal as is, assume all risks and responsibilities associated with the ownership of the Animal, including bites, and I hereby fully and completely release, indemnify and hold harmless the Wolf Trap Animal Rescue, its directors, veterinarians, officers, volunteers, servants, and employees from any claim, cause of action or liability of any sort or nature, whether known or unknown, directly or indirectly arising out of or in connection with the adoption, care or ownership, maintenance, temperament or condition of the Animal.
  7. I agree that I will not “sell” or “rehome” my adopted pet. I must contact a representative of Wolf Trap Animal Rescue if I can no longer take care of my adopted pet. Failure to do so will result forfeit of ownership of the animal with no refund.
  8. Wolf Trap Animal Rescue reserves the right to re-claim any animal that is thought to be in a dangerous or unsafe environment; or one that may cause potential harm or emotional distress to the animal.
  9. I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the terms and conditions of the foregoing adoption contract and that I will comply with the same.