Wolf Trap Animal Rescue is a new life saving partnership developed between the Corinth-Alcorn Animal Shelter in Corinth, Mississippi, and PetSmart Charities®. This partnership serves to rescue animals in Mississippi from situations that are not manageable in a shelter setting. Once rescued, animals are then transported by volunteers of Wolf Trap Pet Rescue from Mississippi to Virginia, where pets will reside in foster homes until they find their forever home through on-site adoption events provided by PetSmart Charities®. The primary reason for foster care is to provide a temporary home for a potentially adoptable animal. Although previous fostering experience is not required, ideal foster care provider will have basic knowledge of animal care and training and be committed to finding their foster animal a safe and loving “forever home”. As a foster care provider, you will provide the animals with care including, food, water, shelter, training, grooming and medical treatment when necessary.

Fostering a shelter animal is a wonderful and rewarding experience but can also be time consuming and hard work. Please seriously consider all of the aspects of the foster care program before deciding to apply to foster. All first-time foster care providers must complete the following application.

  • Personal Information:

  • Residential Information:

  • Other Adoption Information: