Thank you for your interest in adopting from Wolf Trap Animal Rescue! We understand the desire to meet a new forever family member in person before making the big decision to adopt.  Adopting is a life commitment, and having all members of the family on board (including those four legged members!), can be essential to a smooth transition into a new forever home.  All of WTAR’s animals reside in foster homes across the DC/Maryland/Virginia.  Each puppy/kitten has a designated adoption date, which can be found on their profile.  If you would like to potentially meet a puppy &/or kitten prior to an adoption event, please make sure you complete BOTH steps in order to be connected to the foster parent. *If you do not follow and complete each step, your meet & greet request will not be processed*

*Note: Meet and greet requests are not processed after Monday (midnight) the week of the corresponding adoption event* Example: If the adoption event for the puppy you are interested in is on Saturday, November 17th, meet & greet requests will not be processed after midnight of Monday, November 12th.


If you are interested in meeting a Wolf Trap Animal Rescue pet in foster care, please make sure you have an adoption application on file and visit our website in regards to the adoption process. All puppies and kittens that are listed as available on the website Thursday morning prior to the Saturday adoption event will be available for adoption in the public adoption event. If you are interested in adopting a kitten, please make sure you click on the “Adopt A Cat” tab to fill out the proper application All of our fosters have priority to adopt, and must let us know the Wednesday (12PM Sharp) prior to the event if they are adopting or have already found the perfect family for their foster.


If you would like to schedule a meet & greet to potentially meet a foster pet before the adoption event, please click here.

*You can only submit ONE meet & greet request at a time* (Please make sure you have an adoption application on file, otherwise your request will be cancelled. If you sign up for more than one meet and greet, only your first request will be sent to the foster. Once you submit a meet & greet request, a WTAR Volunteer will send your information to the foster. All foster parents are not required to do meet and greets and may still be deciding if they are going to adopt. If you do not get a response within 24 hours, please let the WTAR Adoption team know so you can submit a new meet and greet request with a different pet. If that foster pet becomes available (i.e. the foster decides not to adopt), we will send the waitlist applicants to the foster.